Beyond the clouds …

…/… that immense forest of bare mountains where nature has been well stingy in sharing its gifts (D. Cerri, 1900).

That’s, in fact, the feeling we have when we catch a first glimpse to the argentinian “Puna” (altiplano). But beyond the clouds and behind the apparent coldness of native people, I found an amazing wealth of raw and natural materials, transformed by ingenuous people with simple tools. Beauty is in Simplicity … this is true for relationship, art (and … craft).L1008992 L1008997 L1009012 L1009032 L1009048 L1008957 L1008936 L1008881 L1008880 L1008865 L1008874 L1008751 L1008788 L1008723 L1009021 L1009044 L1008643 L1009161 L1009172-Modifier

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